03 February 2015

ODORPAL: More Than A Funny Name

Last week I went to a missionary meeting where I learned so much that it took up around 15 pages in my journal. Tons of good stuff! One thing I want to talk about that I learned is goals.

This was not my first time learning about goals. In fact, I'm pretty sure all of us have learned about goals and how to set them on numerous occasions. The start of a new year is usually a popular time for people to talk about goals. Personally, I'm a big fan of goals. Didn't use to be, but I've seen how they've helped me to accomplish so much in my life and how they keep me striving to do better. Goals are a wonderful thing! Goals can also be an overwhelming thing. Where do we start? How do we set a goal? How do we accomplish a goal? I mean, how many times in your life have you set a goal that goes unaccomplished? If you're like me, then it's probably a billion times. With that in mind setting goals can kind of seem discouraging. I mean, why would we make a goal if we're going to fail? Well first off, that's the wrong attitude to have! So get rid of it and just humor me for a bit.

Let's talk about ODORPAL. Aside from having a funny name, it's a great model for setting goals. President Anderson of my mission might even say that these are the "seven absolute steps to setting a goal."

Outcome: know your outcome and what you're expecting to achieve
Date: put a date you will accomplish your goal by
Obstacles: know the obstacles you will run into as you work toward your goals
Resources: find the resources that can help you achieve your goal
Plan: make an incredible plan to achieve your goal
Action: take massive action
Leverage: this is the "why" behind your goal

Now, this is just the basic model. I will work on breaking it down in later posts. Why? Because goals are that important! In fact, I dare say that we can make no effective, lasting change our lives if we do not set goals. So get ready to set some goals and make some changes! And always remember, everyday is a second chance (something I will elaborate upon in a later post). God will always give us second chances, so let's take them and make some changes in our lives!

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