22 January 2015

A Year Full of Joy

Time is a strange thing, a funny thing. Somehow it just seems to escape me. Like how I've been on my mission for one year. How does that happen? Time...

I don't think there are words to even describe how I feel. At this time last year I was saying goodbye to all of my friends at BYU and entering the Missionary Training Center (MTC). The day before I said goodbye to my family and friends back in Florida. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew what a mission was, but I didn't know all that it would entail. All of the struggles, the early mornings, the times where I just wanted to go home and be done. But never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the great joy that I've come to know while being in the service of the Lord.

I would tell you everything that I've learned, but that would take a century and a half, and really, there's no words to describe it all. So, here's my attempt to describe some of it in a poem:

One year to serve the Lord,
One year of people slamming the door,
One year of studying from books,
That contain the word of God.
One year of bringing souls to Christ,
And serving those who need my help.
One year of changing who I am
And becoming who I'm meant to be.
One year, the hardest year of all
But one that has brought the most joy.
One year is really not a lot
When you're in the service of our God.

Excuse the terrible poem. That was my attempt to try to convey how much my mission means to me. In short, it means everything to me. Let me explain why.
My mission has brought me closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ, and closer to the person I want to become and I know I can become. Never before have I felt this confident, this sure in myself and the worth I have in God's eyes. I know that He lives and that He is my Heavenly Father. We're all His children and through Christ we can make any change, we can overcome any trial, and we can do anything. There is nothing more important to me than this gospel and my family. The way is sure, the path is marked. My mission will be something I reflect upon everyday of my life and something I thank God for everyday. The people I've met mean the world to me, and seeing the joy in their eyes as they come closer to finding themselves and getting to know Christ is indescribable. If ever you need someone to rely on, know that Christ is always there. He is waiting for you to come to Him. Choose Him and find happiness, just as I have.

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