06 December 2014

That's Christmas to Me

Christmas happens every year, we all know this. Trees with lights, tinsel all around, fireplaces blazing (unless you're from Florida), and so much more make up the holiday season. But these past few weeks I've really been thinking about this holiday season and what makes it important. Is it all about the packages and bows the perfect gift? There is a greater meaning to Christmas I think we've all overlooked at one time in our lives because we get caught up in the spirit buying and receiving for Christmas.

Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Although this day wasn't the actual day He was born, it is the day we celebrate the wonderful Gift that a loving Heavenly Father sent to us. I remember one tradition my family does every year. On Christmas Eve a cake would be brought. We'd eat dinner, play games, and just be with family. Then, when the clock struck midnight we would gather around this manger themed cake and sing "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus. Cheesy? Yes. But, we always knew why we were celebrating Christmas. I hold those memories dear, grateful for this tradition that focused my thoughts to my Savior.

Are you keeping Christ in Christmas? This Christmas season I challenge you to bring Christ back into Christmas. Remember that He is the wonderful Gift that we've been given and that because He was born we can live again. We can have second chances and we can have someone always on our side, no matter what. To me, that's the best gift there could ever be.

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